Best WordPress Themes for Lawyers

Competing in today’s landscape, law firms must have an online presence that establishes more than just competence and trust. Prospective clients need to feel your brand, the firm’s personality and culture, just like they’ve come to expect from a site where they buy natural products or choose a rideshare. You are marketing yourself, your services, and your firm though this site. Whatever type your firm or goal for your site, here are 7 of the best premium WordPress themes for lawyers.

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Blog Page Layout

By default the blog page will show the full content of a post, but you can truncate this on the blog page using the regular WordPress “read more” feature which inserts a break in the content so the theme knows only to show that content before the break on the main blog page. This is a great way to give visitors to the main blog page a taste of your content without creating lots of duplication with the actual post itself.

If you are reading this on the main blog page you will see a link below this sentence which says “continue reading”…

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How to create a website

Are you ready to announce your presence to the online world but feel intimidated by the work involved? Website creation doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is an understanding of a few simple steps to get on your way to carving out your personal Internet niche.

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